Inspired - Ratsey Photo and Design


I am a wife, mother, designer and photographer living in Hopewell Junction with my husband, two young children and two fur babies.

My love for all things creative inspires many passions: cooking and baking, home d├ęcor and party planning, graphic design and computer art. But my favorite creative outlet by far, is photography.

As a photographer, the camera is my brush, and life, in all its beautiful forms, is my subject.

My love of photography started about 14 years ago, when my son was born. As any new mom does, I began capturing the moments of his life on camera. People consistently told me that I "had a great eye," but photography was not something I was ready to take on as a profession. I needed more time to learn and improve my skills as a photographer. When my daughter was born three years later, I found another reason and many more opportunities to practice and refine my craft.

What I've learned over the years is that great photography goes beyond simply picking up a camera. It is finding the beauty in the everyday. It is getting to know people in front of my lens and producing an image that captures the heart of who they are. It is the art of combining the right light, angle and perspective to reveal the magic of life's little moments.

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